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Samstag, 19. Juli 2008, 22:23


ich dachte mir ich poste mal nach und nach JEDE einzelne szene in der spike in Buffy und Angel aufgetreten ist (und danach auch irgendwann mal seine szenen in after the fall). die szenen enthalten ejdes wort was Spike in der szene sagt. sozusagen eind rehbuch von spike szenen. Allerdings ist das ganze auf englisch da ich ja nur auf englisch schaue. aber es ist auch eine gute möglichkeit für euch mal zus ehen wieviel cooler spike im original ist und wieviel bei der überstezung verlorengeht.

den anfang machen jetz spikes szenen aus der ersten folge wo er auftauchte:


Episode 015 SCHOOL HARD

Scene 1: Spike arrives with Drusilla in Sunnydale

S: Home Sweet Home...

Scene 2: Spike and Drusilla meet the Annointed One in the Factory

Vampire: When I kill her it´ll be the greatest event since the Crucifixion. And I should know.
I was there.

S: You were there? Oh Please! If every vampire who said he was at the Crucifixion was actually
there,it would have been like Woodstock.

V: I oughta rip your throat out.

S: I was actually at Woodstock.That was a weird gig.I fed off a flower person and I spent the next
six hours watchin´my hand move.

Spike punches the vampire down backhanded.

S: So,who do you kill for fun around here?

AO: Who are you?

S: Spike. You´re that Anointed guy. I´ve read about you. You have Slayer Problems. That´s a bad
piece of luck.Do you know what I find works real good with Slayers? Killing them.

AO: Can you?

S: A lot faster than nancy boy there. Yeah, I did a couple of Slayers in my time. I don´t like to brag.
......Who am I kidding?? I love to brag! There was this one slayer during the Boxer Rebellion,and

Drusilla enters the room

S: Drusilla. You shouldn´t be walking around. You´re weak.

D: Look at all the people.Are these nice people?

S: We´re gettin´along.

D: This one has power. I could feel it from the outside.

S: Yeah. He´s the big noise in these parts.Anointed and all that.

D: Do you like daisies? I plant them but they always die. Everything I put in the ground withers and
dies.....Spike? I´m cold.

Spike gives Dru his leathercoat.

S: I got you.

D: I´m a princess.

S: That´s what you are.

Dru and Spike exchange tenderness.

S: Me and Dru,we´re movin´in....Now. Any of you want to test who´s got the biggest wrinklies
round here....step on up. I´ll do your slayer for you.But you keep your flunkies from tryin´any-
thing behind my back.Deal?

The AO nods.

D: I can´t see her.The Slayer...I can´t see.It´s dark where she is.Kill her.Kill her,Spike.Kill her for

S: It´s done baby.

D: Kill her for princess?

S: I´ll chop her into messes.

D: You are my sweet.My little Spike.

S: So how about this Slayer? Is she tough?

Scene 3: Spike sees Buffy for the first time dancing in the Bronze.Then he turns to a fellow vampire.

S: Go get something to eat.

The Vampire leaves.Spike adresses another guest within Earshot of Buffy.

S: Where´s the phone? I need to call the police.There´s some big guy tryin´to bite someone.

Buffy runs out of the Bronze fighting the vampire while Spike is watching her.Finally she kills the

S: Nice work,love.

B: Who are you?

S: You find out on Saturday.

B: What happens on Saturday?

S: I kill you.

Scene 4: Spike meets the girl Sheila in an alley behind the Bronze.

Sheila: Who are you?

S: Who do you want me to be?

Sheila: Did you see...

S: Those two losers who thought they were good enough for you?

Sheila: What happened to´em?

S: They got sleepy. And you got something a whole lot better

Sheila: Hey wait up! What´s your name

Scene 5: Spike and Drusilla in their bedroom.

S: Darling, are you going to eat something?

D: I´m not hungry. I miss Prague.

S: You nearly died in Prague.Idiot mob.This is the place for us.The Hellmouth will restore you,put
colour in your cheeks,metaphorically speaking and in a few weeks´time...

D:...the stars will align and smile down on us.

S: And then,God this town will burn.

D: A pretty fire.

Spike flungs himself beside her on the bed.

D: They´re preparing.

S: St. Vigeous is coming up.Should be a party.

D: You should go up with them and cleanse.

S: Dru...

D: The boy doesn´t trust you.They follow him. I think sometimes that all my hair will fall out and I´ll
be bald.

S: Never happen. All right,I´ll go up and get chanty with the fellas. But you got to do me one favour.

Spike drags the tagged Sheila towards Drusilla.

S: Eat something.

Scene 6: Spike and his gang attack the high school on parent-teacher day.They come crashing through the window and Spike adresses Buffy.

S: What can I say? I couldn´t wait

Chaos ensues. Buffy runs away along with her mother.Her friends scatter in all directions.Spike grabs a teacher.

S: Nobody gets out,especially the girl!

The Lights go out.

Vampire: We cut the power.Nobody got out.

S: And the Slayer?

V: She either went that way....or that way.I saw two others.

S: You don´t know???

Spike adresses the teacher

S: I´m a veal kind of guy.You´re too old to eat.

He lets go of the man then suddenly breaks his neck.

S: But not to kill.....I feel better.

Spike searches the deserted corridors for Buffy.

S: Slayer....Here,kitty kitty. I find one of your friends first,I´m gonna suck ´em dry. And use their
bones to bash your head in. Are you getting a word picture here?

Vampire: Spike! Listen!

Spike hears a sound in the ceiling.

S (singing): Someone´s in the ceiling.

The vampire tries to crush a rather solid door but it won´t give.

V: The door is solid.

S: Use your head.

Spike pushes the vampires head in a jarcase for an emergency axe and hands it to him,then adresses two other vampires.

S: You! Come with me.

Spike hears sounds in the ceiling again,grabs a pole and pokes the ceiling but misses Buffy. Suddenly Angel appears.He acts like he is evil to fool Spike and has Xander with him-apparently his victim.

S: Angelus!

A: Spike!

S: I´ll be damned!

A: I taught you to always guard your perimeter.You should have someone out there.

S: I did. I´m surrounded by idiots.What´s new with you?

A: Everything.

S: Come up against this slayer yet?

A: She´s cute.Not too bright though.Gave the puppy-dog „I´m all tortured" act. Keeps her off my
back when I feed.

S: People still fall for that Anne Ricer-Routine? What a world!

X: I knew you where lyin´.Undead liar guy!

A: Wanna bite before we kill her?

S: Haven´t seen you in the killing fields for an age.

A: I´m not much for company.

S: No,you never were. So,why are you so scared of this Slayer?

A: Scared?

S: Yeah. Time was you would have taken her out in a heartbeat.Now look at you. I mean,this
tortured thing is an act right? You´re not housebroken?

A: I saw her kill the Master.Hey,you think you can take her alone? Be my guest. I´ll just feed and

S: Don´t be silly.We´re old friends. We´ll do it together.Let´s drink to it.

Both attempt to bite Xander but suddenly Spike smacks Angel down.

S: You think you can fool me???? You were my sire,man! You were my...Yoda!

A: Things change.

S: Not us! Not demons.Man I can´t believe this! You Uncle Tom!

Spike adresses his vampire fellows.

S: Come on people! This isn´t a spectator spot!

The two vamps chase Angel and Xander outside,while Spike stays-Buffy has showed up.

S: Fee,fi,fo,fum. I smell the blood of a nice,ripe...girl.

B: Do we really need weapons for this?

S: I just like them. They make me feel all manly.

Both drop their weapons

S: The last Slayer I killed,she begged for her life. You don´t strike me as the begging kind.

B: You shouldn´t have come here.

S: No,I messed up your doilies and stuff. But I just got so bored. I´ll tell you what. As a personal
favor from me to you,I´ll make it quick. It won´t hurt a bit.

B: No Spike. It´s gonna hurt a lot.

They begin to fight. Eventually Spike misses her head with a punch and punches right into the wall. Then Buffy hits him in the head.

S: Now that hurt.

They continue their duel and suddenly Spike overpowers her and Buffy lands flat on her back.Spike picks a up a log and wants to kill her.

S: But not as much as this will.

But when he wants to finish her off suddenly an axe is hitting him flat in the back of his head and he
goes down.Buffys mother Joyce stands over him holding the axe.

J: You get the hell away from my daughter!

S: Women!

Then Spike jumps out of the broken window and escapes.

Scene 7: Spike and Dru in the factory

D: Spike,did she hurt you?

S: It was close baby,but...

D: Come here.

S: A Slayer with family and friends.That sure as hell wasn´t in the brochure.

D: You´ll kill her.And then we´ll have a nice celebration.

S: Yeah.A party.

D: Yeah with streamers and songs.

S: How´s the Annoying One?

D: He doesn´t wanna play.

S: It figures. Well,I suppose I´d better go make nice.

Spike kneels before the AO.

AO: You failed.

S: I offer penance.

Vampire: Penance? You should lay down your life.Our numbers are depleted.The Feast of St.
Vigeous has been ruined by your impatience!

S: I was rash.And if I had to do it all over again....Who am I kidding? I would do it exactly the same
only I´d do this first!

AO: No!

Spike grabs the AO,locks him in a cage and hoists the cage into the sunlight until the AO is nothing
but ashes.

S: From now on we´re gonna have a little less ritual and a little more fun around here!

Spike adresses Dru.

S: Let´s see what´s on TV.

They walk away.
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Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008, 07:59

Cool ne echt gute idee da hast du dir ja einiges vorgenommen *respekt*.

Die Szene ist echt geil besonders der Moment in dem Angel Spike vorspielt böse zu sein und Xander als "Opfer für ihn hat.

Im Kampf begenet in der Liebe vereint



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Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008, 15:37

"die szene" ist echt geil? meinst du nicht eher die "szenen". und ja die spike/angel-scene is cool, besonders wenn man die vergangenheit der beiden kennt.

aber am geilsten finde ich die szene wo spike meint "Who am I kidding? I love to brag" da schmeiss ich mich jedesmal weg.

als nächstes poste ich die episoden 018 Halloween und 019 Lie to me (zusammen weil beide weniger spike-szenen enthalten als diese hier)
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Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008, 13:46

Toll toll

aber wann gehts weiter???
Es gibt immer wieder Wendepunkte. So ist das Leben. Es kommt darauf an, was man daraus macht. In diesen Momenten erkennt man, wer man ist.


Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008, 14:46

find ich echt toll von dir, dass du dir da so viel arbeit machst!
also ich liebe die szene wo dru spike mit dem fingernagel die wange aufritzt. das sieht so geil aus!



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Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008, 17:05

na ich bin halt ein Spikiac *gg* naja woltle auch schon weitermachen aber es schien das keiner hier so richtig drauf warten würde und so habe ich mir gedacht ich wart ab bis jemand kommt und möchte das es weitergeht. sobald es gewünscht wird gibts die nächsten epis.
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Freitag, 12. Dezember 2008, 17:59


Es gibt immer wieder Wendepunkte. So ist das Leben. Es kommt darauf an, was man daraus macht. In diesen Momenten erkennt man, wer man ist.


Freitag, 12. Dezember 2008, 20:39

Ich schliese mich an ich mit WUNSCH. :D

Im Kampf begenet in der Liebe vereint



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Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008, 02:50

okay dann kommen sie hier nun: Die Spike-szenen der Episoden 018 und 019 :)

Episode 018 HALLOWEEN

Scene 1:

In the Factory: Spike watches Tapes that show Buffy killing Vampires.

S: Here it comes. Rewind that.Let´s see that again. (laughs) She is tricky.Baby likes to play. You
see that,when she stakes him with that thing? That´s what you call resourceful.Rewind it again.

Drusilla enters the room

D: Miss Edith needs her tea.

S: Come here,poodle.

D: Do you love my insides? The parts you can´t see?

S: Eyeballs to entrails,my sweet. That´s why I´ve got to study this Slayer. Once I know her,I can
kill her. And once I kill her you can have your run of Sunnyhell and get strong again.

D: Don´t worry.Everything´s switching.Outside to Inside. It makes her weak.

S: Really? Did my pet have a vision?

D: Do you know what I miss? Leeches.

S: Come on.Talk to Daddy.This thing that makes the Slayer weak.When is it?

D: Tomorrow.

S: Tomorrow´s Halloween.Nothing happens on Halloween.

D: Someone´s come to change it all. Someone new.

Scene 2:
Chaos reigns in the streets.Everyone has turned into their costumes. Spike walks the street

S: Well....This is just....neat.

Angel ,Cordelia and Xander (now a soldier) are searching Buffy (now a helpless lady from the 1700s). They don´t see Spike.

X: Sure,she came this way?

A: No.

C: She´ll be OK.

A: BUFFY would be OK.Whoever she is now,she´s helpless.Come on!

Spike talks to a bunch of kids (who are now little demons)

S: Do you hear that,my friends? Somewhere out here is the tenderest meat you´ve ever tasted. And
all we have to do is find her first.

Scene 3
Spike and a couple of Demons find Buffy,Angel,Cordy,Willow and Xander and hunt them into a building. Finally Spike corners the helpless Buffy.

S: Look at you.You´re shaking. Terrified.Alone. Lost little Lamb.

Spike slaps Buffy.

S: I love it.

A: Buffy!

Spike grabs Buffy and pushes her down,ready to bite her.Buffy cries of fear.

W: Now that guy you can shoot!

Xander raises his gun when suddenly the effects of the costume-spell are reversed (due to Giles
destroying Ethan Raynes statue).Suddenly Xander holds a water-pistol.

X: What the....?

The demons return to being children

Children: I´m scared. I want my mommy!

And Buffy is herself again,too.

B: Hi honey.I´m home.

Buffy attacks Spike and a fight erupts.

B: You know what? It´s good to be me.

Spike acknowledges his defeat and flees.

Episode 019 LIE TO ME

Scene 1:

The Factory.Spike and Drusilla are in their bedroom.Dru watches a dead bird in a cage.

D: You sing the sweetest little song...Won´t you sing for me? Don´t you love me anymore?

S: Darling, I heard a funny thing just now. Lucius tells me that you went out on a hunt the other

D: My tummy was growly and you were out. Come on(to the bird). I´ll pout if you don´t sing.

S: You meet anyone? Anyone interesting? Like Angel?

D: Angel...

S: Yeah. So what might you guys have talked about then? Old times? Childhood pranks? It´s a
little off,you two so friendly,him being the enemy and all that.

D: (to the bird) I´ll give you a seed if you sing.

S: The bird´s dead Dru. You left it in a cage and you didn´t feed it and now it´s dead,just like the
last one.

Drusilla winces.

S: I´m sorry baby. Look,I´m a bad,rude man. I just don´t like you goin´out,that´s all.You are weak.
Would you like a new bird? One that´s not dead?

Suddenly a guy enters the room named Ford.

F: This is so cool! I would totally live here.

S: Do I have anyone on watch here? It´s called security people.Are you all asleep? Or did we finally
find a restaurant that delivers?

F: I know who you are.

S: Yeah,I know who I am too.So what?

F: I came looking for you Spike.

S: You´ve got a real death wish. It´s almost interesting.

A vampire hands Spike a book and he begins to read it.

S: Oh this is great.This´ll be very useful. So how did you find me?

F: That doesn´t matter. I´ve got something to offer you. I´m pretty sure that this is the part where
you take out a watch and say I´ve got 30 seconds to convince you not to kill me? It´s traditional.

S: Well,I don´t go much for tradition.

Spike wants to kill Ford.

D: Wait,love.

S: Well?

F: Oh come on! Say it! It´s no fun if you don´t say it.

S: What? (very annoyed)..oh...You´ve got 30 seconds to convince me not to kill you.

F: Yes! See this is the best. I wanna be like you.A vampire.

S: I´ve known you for two minutes and I can´t stand you. I don´t really feature you livin´for ever.
Can I eat him now,love??

F: Well feature this: I´m offering you a trade. You make me a vampire and I give you the Slayer.

Spike smiles.

Scene 2:

Spike and his gang prepare to move out.

S: When we get there everybody spread out. Two men on the door.First priority is the Slayer.
Everything else is fair game but let´s remember to share people.

Spike turns to Dru.

S: Are you sure you´re up for this?

D: I want a treat. I need a treat.

S: And a special one you´ll have. Lucius bring the car around.

Scene 3:

Spike and his gang enter a bomb shelter where Ford has trapped a group of people including Buffy.

S: Take them all. Save the Slayer for me.

The Vampires start to feed on the people. Buffy spots Drusilla on a balcony jumps up and threatens
her with a stake.

B: Spike!

Spike sees that Buffy has Dru.

S: Everybody stop!

B: Good idea. Now you let everybody out or your girlfriend fits in an ashtray.

S: Let them go.

B: Down the stairs.

The vampires let go of the people and they run out of the shelter.Buffy throws Dru to Spike,runs out
of the shelter and locks the door from the outside.

S: Um....Where´s the doorknob?

F: What happened?

S: We´re stuck in a basement.

F: Buffy?

S: She´s not stuck in a basement.

F: Hey well. I delivered. I handed her to you.

S: Yes. I suppose you did.

F: So? What about my reward?

Spike and Dru look at him very menacingly
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Montag, 15. Dezember 2008, 10:11

Klasse... Find ich toll was du dir für Mühe gibst.. :-)

An Halloween finde ich toll dass man Buffy zum ersten Mal "Hilflos" sieht... Und als Spike sagt "Somewhere out here is the tenderest meat you´ve ever tasted" merkt man schon dass er eine gewisse "Abhängigkeit" von Buffy hat...
oder das "lost little lamb" :-D

und bei "Lie to me" sieht man auch die Sorge für Druisilla... und wieder einmal die "Abhängigkeit" von Buffy...

Gehört aber nicht zu den "größten" Folgen von Spike, außer Lie to me
Es gibt immer wieder Wendepunkte. So ist das Leben. Es kommt darauf an, was man daraus macht. In diesen Momenten erkennt man, wer man ist.


Montag, 15. Dezember 2008, 20:14

Zitat von »"19darla89"«

An Halloween finde ich toll dass man Buffy zum ersten Mal "Hilflos" sieht... Und als Spike sagt "Somewhere out here is the tenderest meat you´ve ever tasted" merkt man schon dass er eine gewisse "Abhängigkeit" von Buffy hat...
oder das "lost little lamb" :-D

und bei "Lie to me" sieht man auch die Sorge für Druisilla... und wieder einmal die "Abhängigkeit" von Buffy...

Ja da kann ich ja eigentlich nur mehr zustimmen. Sehr geile Szenen!!

Im Kampf begenet in der Liebe vereint



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Montag, 15. Dezember 2008, 21:45

ja ich stimme zu das dies nicht die besten spike-folgen sind haben aber wirklich geile momente. Ich liebe es wenn Spike in Halloween ohrfeigt und sagt "I love it". so evil*gg*

So als nächstes kommen dann jetzt die episoden 021 und 022:

Episode 021 WHAT´S MY LINE PART 1

Scene 1:

In the Factory: Drusilla sits at a table laying strange Tarot-cards in front of her.Spike talks to a vampire who is an educated interpreter and is studying a text in a book.

S: Read it again.

Vampire: I´m not sure. It could be „deprimere ille bubula linter".

Spike looks this up in a latin dictionary.

S: (reading) Debase the beef...canoe.

He hits the Vampire.

S: Why does that strike me as not right?

D: Spike,come dance.

S: Give us some peace,would you? Can´t you see I´m workin´?

Dru winces.

S: I´m sorry,kitten. It´s just this manuscript.It´s supposed to hold your cure,but it reads like
gibberish. Even Dalton here,the big brain,he can´t make heads or tails of it.

D: I need to change Miss Edith.

Dru,very weak half-collapses. Spike catches her.

S: Oh,forgive me.You know I can´t stand to see you like this. We´re runnin´out of time. It´s that
bloody Slayer.Whenever I turn around,she´s muckin´up the works.

D: You´ll make it right.I know.

Spike kisses Dru. Then he turns back to Dalton.

S: Well...come on now.Enlighten me.

Dalton: Well,it looks like Latin but it´s not. I´m not even sure it´s a language.

S: Then make it a language! Isn´t that what a transcriber does?

Dalton: Well,not exactly...

Spike grabs Dalton.

S: I want the cure!

D: Wait...

S: Why not? Some people find pain very inspirational.

D: He can´t help you.Not without the key.

S: The key? You mean this book is in some sort of code?

D: Yeah.

Spike looks at Drus Cards.

S: Is that where we´ll find this key?

D: Yeah.

S: I´ll send the boys pronto.

D: Now will you dance?

S: I´ll dance with you,pet.

He heaves Dru into his arms

S: On the Slayers grave.

Scene 2:

In the factory.Spike and Drus Bedroom.Dru lies on the bed laying her Tarot-Cards while Spike shows her a golden cross,his guys stole from a mausoleum.

S: This is it,then.

D: It hums. I can hear it.

S: Once you´re well again,we´ll have a coronation down main street. And invite everyone.And drink
for seven days and seven nights.

Dalton: What about the Slayer? She almost blew the whole thing for us. She´s trouble.

S: You don´t say! Trouble? She´s the gnat in my ear.The gristle in my teeth.She´s the bloody thorn
in my bloody side!!!

D: Spike?

S: We´ve gotta do something.We´ll never complete your cure with that bitch breathing down our
necks. I need to bring in the big guns. They´ll take care of her once and for all.

Dalton: Big guns?

S: The Order of Taraka.

Dalton: The bounty hunters?

Dru lays new cards.

D: They´re coming to my party. Three of them.

Dalton: Yes,but the Order of Taraka,I mean...isn´t that overkill?

S: No. I think it´s just enough kill.

Scene 3:

Factory. The bedroom.Spike and Dru sitting on the bed watching her Tarot-cards.Meanwhile Buffy just killed one assasin of the Order of Taraka.

D: He is passing under our feet right now.

S: No worries. We´re close to decoding the manuscript.We just need a bit more time.

D: Time is ours. It brings the Slayer closer to them.

Scene 4:

The Factory. Spike holds finally a translation of the manuscript in his hands.

S: By George,I think he´s got it. The key to your cure ducks. The missing bloody link. It was...

D: Right in front of us the whole time.

Both look down on a card that shows the image of an Angel....

Episode 022 WHAT´S MY LINE PART 2

Scene 1:

The sewers: Willy,owner of Willys place (a demon bar) drags a weakened Angel into the sewers where Spike and his guys await him.

W: Here you go,friend. He´ll be as good as new in a day or so.

Spike moves towards Angel.

W: Wait,wait,wait. We had a deal,right?

Spike takes some dollar-notes out of his pocket.

S: What´s the matter Willy? Don´t you trust me?

W: Oh yeah. Like a brother.

Spike slaps him.

S: Talk, and I´ll have your guts for garters.

W: Wild horses couldn´t drag it.

Spike crunches the last note and lets it fall.

S: Oops. Sorry,friend.

Spikes guys take Angel.

W: What are you gonna do with him anyway?

S: I´m thinkin´maybe dinner and a movie. I don´t want to rush into anything. I´ve been hurt you

Scene 2:

The factory,bedroom.Drusilla lies on the bed.Spike joins her.

D: I was dreaming.

S: Of what,pet?

D: We were in Paris. You had a branding iron.

S: I brought you something.

D: And there were worms in my baguette.

Spike drags a bound and gagged Angel towards Dru.

S: Your sire,my sweet.

D: Angel?

S: The one and only. Now all we need is the full moon tonight and he will die and you will be fully
restored,my black goddess. My ripe,wicked plum. It´s been...

D: Forever.

They kiss very passionate.

D: Spike, let me have him. Until the moon.

S: All right,you can play. But don´t kill him. He mustn´t die till the ritual.

D: Bring him to me.

Spike drags Angel right in front of Dru.Dru adresses Angel.

D: You´ve been a very bad daddy.

Dru slaps Angel.

Scene 3:

Factory,bedroom.Dru has tied Angel up and is torturing him with holy water. Spike joins her.

D: Say „uncle". Oh that´s right. You killed my uncle.

S: That´s it then.Off to church.

D: It makes pretty colours.

S: I´ll see him die soon enough. I´ve never been much for the pre-show.

A: Too bad. That´s what Drusilla likes best, as I recall.

S: What´s that supposed to mean?

A: Ask her.She knows what I mean.

Spike looks at Dru.

S: Well?

D: (to Angel): Shhhh...bad dog.

A: You should have let me talk to him,Dru.Sounds like your boy could use some pointers. She likes
to be teased.

S: Keep your hole shut!

A: Take care of her Spike. The way she touched me just now. I can tell when she´s not satisfied.

Spike grabs Angel

S: I said shut up!!!

A: Or maybe you two just don´t have the fire we had.

S: That´s enough.

Spike grabs a stake and wants to kill Angel.

D: Spike,no!

S: Oh,right. Right.You almost got me.Aren´t you a „throw yourself to the lions" sort of sap these
days? Well,the lions are onto you,baby. If I kill you now,you go quick and Dru hasn´t got a
chance. And if Dru dies, your little Rebecca of Sunnyhell Farm and all her mates are spared her
coming out party.

D: Spike,the moon is rising.It´s time.

S: Too bad Angelus. Looks like you go the hard way. Along with the rest of this miserable town.

Spike kisses Dru.

Scene 4:

Old deserted church. Dru is tied to Angel,Spike holds a smoking lamp and starts the ritual.

S: Eligor,I name thee.Bringer of war,poisoners,pariahs,grand obscenity. Eligor,wretched master of
decay,bring your black medicine

D: Black Medicine....

S: Come.

Spike now holds the golden cross upside down.

S: Restore your most impious,murderous child.

D: Murderous child....

Spike draws a dagger.

S: From the blood of the sire she is risen. From the blood of the sire she shall rise again!

Spike stabs the dagger into the united hands of Dru and Angel. Angel screams and while he is weakened,Dru gets restored.

S: Right then.Now we just let them come to a simmering boil,then remove to a low flame.

Suddenly the doors open and Willy and a couple of Vampires enter with Buffy as their prisoner.

W: Payday,pal. I got your Slayer.

S: Are you tripping??? You bring her here now?

W: You said you wanted her.

S: In the ground pinhead! I wanted her dead.

W: That´s not what I heard. Word was there was a bounty on her,dead or alive.

S: You heard wrong,Willy.

Buffy sees the suffering Angel.

B: Angel...

S: Yeah,it bugs me too seeing ´em like that. Another five minutes though and Angel will be dead, so
I forbear. Don´t feel too bad for Angel. He´s got something you don´t have.

B: What´s that?

S: Five minutes.Patrice!

a female assasin (of the order of taraka) wants to kill Buffy. Then suddenly Kendra (a second Slayer) appears out of nowhere and attacks Spike and his followers. Buffy and Kendra approach Spike.

S: Who the hell is this????

B: It´s your lucky day Spike.

K: Two slayers.

Kendra punches Spike.

B: No waiting.

Buffy punches him too. Now a big battle erupts between the two Slayers and Spikes gang.Buffy fights Patrice,Kendra Spike. Then Giles,Xander,Cordy and Willow enter the battle as well. Buffy is better than Patrice but Spike overpowers Kendra. Buffy adresses Kendra.

B: Switch!

With one fluid move Buffy takes Kendras place and vice versa. Now Buffy is facing Spike.

S: I´d rather be fightin´you anyway.

B: Mutual.

They start to fight. Buffy throws Spike away-right towards Willy.Spike grabs him.

S: Where are you going?

Buffy cuts Angel loose from Dru.

W: Now this isn´t my fault.

S: They tricked you?

W: They were duplicitous.

S: Then I´ll only kill you just this once.

Spike wants to bite Willy when he hears Drusilla.

D: Spike...

Spike sees what Buffy is doing ,grabs her and throws her down. Spike then grabs a torch and sets the church on fire. Then he takes Dru.

S: Sorry,baby. Gotta go.I hope that was enough.

Spike is heading for the exit.Buffy stands up and grabs the smokin lamp which is on a long chain,swings it and hits Spike square in the back of his head.Spike crashes with Dru right into the organ which collapses and buries him.

B: I´m good.

Scene 5:

Burned down church. Dru is fully restored again and salvages a heavily injured Spike from under the rubble of the organ.Spike is unconcious.Dru heaves Spike into her arms.

D: Don´t worry dear heart. I´ll see that you get strong again.Like me.

Then they leave the church

Und jetzt wieder her mit den reaktionen :)
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Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2008, 19:47

Einfach nur total hamer geil das sind wirklich geile szenen! Ein großes :thanks: für sie ganze Mühe die du dir da machst!

Im Kampf begenet in der Liebe vereint


Freitag, 19. Dezember 2008, 21:15

Zitat von »"Bacardigirl"«

Einfach nur total hamer geil das sind wirklich geile szenen! Ein großes :thanks: für sie ganze Mühe die du dir da machst!

Mehr kann man nicht sagen... :D
Sind wirklich richtig geniale Szenen...
Meine Gedanken, meine glücklichen Momente, meine Freude, meine Trauer und alles andere; hängt von Dir allein ab!

Du bist der Grund dafür, dass es sich lohnt jeden Morgen wieder aufzustehn und den Tag zu überleben!!!



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Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008, 15:50

Spike ist aber auch echt der Knaller. Die ganzen Sprüche die er immer bringt sind echt zum totlachen.
You promise me heaven and put me to hell



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Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008, 23:45

absolut. allerdings fänd ich es cooler wenn ihr mehr zu Spikes einzelnen szenen sagen würdet wie das oben schonmal gemacht wurde. Ich meine zu diesen momenten gibts doch bestimmt was zu sagen: was besonders lustig oder cool war,was besonders gefallen hat, was rührend war,was traurig etc. Fänd ich toll.

So nun zu den nächsten beiden episoden 025 Surprise und 026 Innocence, zwei der besten episoden der Season 2 in denen Angelus zurückkehrt (Und James und David zusammen rocken einfach mega)

Here we go:

Episode 025 SURPRISE

Scene 1:

Factory. Drusilla prepares a big party.Dalton enters the room with a big box in his hand.Spike who is weakened sits temporarily in a wheelchair.

Dalton: I have your package.

S: Just put it on the table near the other gifts.

He adresses Dru.

S: Are you dead set on this pet? Wouldn´t you rather have your party in Vienna?

D: But the Invitations are sent.

S: Yeah. But it´s just I´ve had it with this place. Nothing ever comes off like it´s supposed to.

D: My gatherings are always perfect. Remember Spain? Hey? The bulls?

S: I remember,sweet. But Sunnydale´s cursed for us. Angel and the Slayer see to that.

D: Shhh....I´ve got good games for everyone. You´ll see.

Dru inspects some flowers.

D: These flowers are wrong.They´re all wrong. I can´t abide them!

Dru goes nuts and is ripping them apart.

S: Let´s try something different with the flowers,then.

Dru looks at her gifts.

D: Can I open one? Can I? Can I?

S: Just a peek,love. They´re for the party.

Dru opens a box and looks inside.

S: Do you like it,baby?

D: It reeks of death.This will be the best party ever.

S: Why´s that?

D: will be the last.

Scene 2:

Factory. Dalton who was supposed to get another box lost it.Dru is not very pleased.

D: You lost it. You lost my present.

Dalton: I know. I´m sorry.

S: It´s a bad turn,man. She can´t have her fun without the box.

Dalton: The Slayer. She came out of nowhere.I didn´t even see her.She...

Dru presses a finger on Daltons lips and takes off his glasses.Then she stomps on them.

D: Make a wish.

Dalton: What?

Dru holds two fingers right in front of his eyes.

D: I´m going to blow out the candles.

S: You might give him a chance to find your lost treasure. He is a wanker but he´s the only one
we´ve got with half a brain. If he fails you can eat his eyes out of the sockets for all I care.

Dalton: I´ll get it. Please. I swear.

Dru puts her fingers down and puts the broken glasses back on his face.

D: OK. Hurry back,then.

Scene 3:

Factory.The party has started.Dru is dancing.Spike comes into sight.he has another box in his lap.

S: Look what I have for you ducks.

D: The best is saved for last.

The box gets placed on top of all the other assembled boxes and they melt together and recreate
a very powerful demon called The Judge who can burn the humanity literally out of somebody.

D: He´s perfect my darling. Just what I wanted.

The Judge steps forward and points at Drusilla.

J: You...

Spike rolls in between them.

S: whoa,whoa,whoa. What´s that mate?

J: You two stink of humanity. You share affection and jealousy.

S: Yeah.What of it? Do I have to remind you that we´re the ones who brought you here?

D: Would you like a party favour?

Judge looks at Dalton.

J: This one is full of feeling. He reads.Bring him to me.

S: What´s with the bringing? I thought you could just zap people.

J: My full strength will return in time. Until then I need contact.

Dalton: No! No! No!

The Judge touches Dalton and burns him to ashes.

D: Do it again! Do it again!

Scene 4:

Factory. Angel and Buffy have sneaked into the factory and see Dru,Spike and the Judge. The Judge can feel their presence.

S: What? What is it?

The judge looks upt to the balcony where Buffy and Angel are standing.

A: We gotta get outta here!

Too late.Spikes henchmen catch them and bring them before Spike,Dru and the Judge.

S: Well,well. Look what we have here. Crashers.

B: I´m sure our invitations just got lost in the mail.

D: It´s delicious. I only dreamed you´d come.

A: Leave her alone!

S: Yeah,that´ll work. Now say „pretty please".

J: The girl?

D: Chilling isn´t it? She´s so full of good intention.

Angel adresses the judge.

A: Take me! Take me instead of her.

B: No!

S: Um,you´re not clear on the concept,pal. There is no „instead". Just first and second.

D: And if you go first, you don´t get to watch the Slayer die.

The Judge approaches Buffy to burn her.

A: Don´t touch him!

Buffy kicks herself free and Angel lets some old screens crash into the ground which makes a hole in the ground which leads into the sewers.Buffy grabs Angel.

B: This way!

They both escape into the sewers.

Episode 026 INNOCENCE

Scene 1:

Factory. The Judge is kneeling on the ground,meditating..

S: I´m not happy,pet. Angel and the Slayer are still alive.They know where we are and know about
the Judge.We should be vacating.

D: Nonsense.They´ll not disturb us here.My Angel is too smart to face the Judge again.

S: What´s Big Blue up to anyway? He just sits there.

J: I am preparing.

S: Yeah. It´s interesting to me that preparing looks a great bit like sitting on your ass. When do we
destroy the world already?

J: My strength grows. And with every life I take it will increase further.

S: So let´s take some. I´m bored.

Suddenly Drusilla moans and collapses.Spike hurries towards her.

D: Angel?

S: Dru? What is it? Dru! Darling do you see something?

Drusilla begins to smile viciously.

Scene 2:

Factory. Drusilla lies on a table.

S: Are we feeling better then?

D: I´m naming all the stars.

S: You can´t see the stars love. That´s the ceiling. Also it´s day.

D: I can see them. But I´ve named them all the same name.And there´s terrible confusion.

S: Did you see any further? Do you know what happens to Angel?

Suddenly Angel enters the Room.

A: Well...he moves to New York and tries to fulfill that Broadway dream. It´s tough slaying but one
day he´s working in the chorus when the big star twists her ankle.

S: You don´t give up,do you?

A: As long as there´s injustice in the world, as long as scum like you is walking...well rolling the
streets, I´ll be around.Look over your shoulder,I´ll be there.

S: Yeah.Angel look over your shoulder.

The Judge stands behind Angel. He tries to burn Angel but it doesn´t work.Why? Cause it´s not
Angel anymore.He has lost his soul again (due to sleeping with Buffy the previous night) and now
he is the legendary ANGELUS again.

S: Hurts doesn´t it?

A: Well,you know, it kind of itches a little.

S: Don´t just stand there.Burn him!

A: Gee! Maybe he´s broken.

S: What the hell is going on?

J: This one cannot be burned.He´s clean.

S: Clean? You mean he´s...

J: There is no humanity in him.

A: I couldn´t have said it better myself.

D: Angel...

A: Yeah,baby.I´m back.

S: Is it really true?

A: It´s really true.

D: You´ve come home.

S: No more of this „I´ve got a soul" crap?

A: What can I say? I was goin´ through a phase.

S: This is great. This is so great!

D: Everything in my head is singing. We´re a family again. We´ll feed and we´ll play.

S: I´ve gotta tell you. It made me sick to my stomach seeing you being the Slayer´s lapdog.

Angel fakes to attack Spike,then kisses him on the forehead.Both laugh.

D: How did this happen?

A: You wouldn´t believe me if I told you.

S: Who cares? What matters is now he´s back. Now it´s four against one which are the kind of
odds I like to play.

D: We´re going to destroy the world. Want to come?

A: Yeah,destroying the world. Great. I´m really more interested in the Slayer.

S: Well, she´s in the world, so that should work out.

A: Give me tonight.

S: What do you mean?

A: Lay low for a night. I guarantee by the time you go public, she won´t be anything resembling a

S: You´ve really got a yen to hurt this girl haven´t you?

A: She made me feel like a human being. That´s not the kinda thing you just forgive.

Scene 3:

Factory. Angelus is talking to Spike and Dru. Angelus previously has almost killed Willow
right in front of Xander,Buffy and Jenny Calendar.Now they all know that Angelus is back.

A: You should have seen her face. It was priceless. I´ll never forget it.

S: So you didn´t kill her then?

A: Course not.

S: Now, I know you haven´t been in the game for a while,mate but we still do kill people. It´s sort
of our raison d´etre, you know?

D: You don´t wanna kill her ,do you? You want to hurt her, just like you hurt me.

A: Nobody knows me like you do,Dru.

S: She´d better not get in our way.

A: Don´t worry about it.

S: I do.

A: Spike,my boy! You really don´t get it,do you? You tried to kill her but you couldn´t. Look at
you,you´re a wreck. She´s stronger than any Slayer you´ve ever faced.Force won´t get it done.
You gotta work from the inside.To kill this girl you have to love her.

Scene 4:

Factory. Angelus talks to Dru,Spike and the Judge. Everybody is preparing for the big Action of the

J: I am ready.

S: About time.

Dru kisses Spike. Spike cannot come with them thanks to his condition.

S: Have fun.

A: Too bad you can´t come with,huh? Be thinkin´of you.

S: I won´t be in this chair forever.

Angelus takes Dru´s hand and heads toward the door.

S: What happens if your girlfriend shows up?

A: I´m gonna give her a kiss.

Angelus looks at the Judge.

A: Don´t you look spiffy!

J: Spiffy?

Scene 4:

Factory. Buffy,Cordy,Willow,Xander,Oz and Giles enter.Spike hides in the shadows and listens to
their conversation.

B: I knew it.

G: We haven´t a bead on where they would go.

B: I don´t know. Somewhere crowded,I guess. The Judge needs bodies right?

W: The Bronze?

X: It´s closed tonight.

C: There´s not a lot of choices in Sunnydale. It´s not like people are gonna line up to get massacred.

O: uh,guys? If I were gonna line up,I know where I´d go.
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Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009, 08:59

Oh Gott ich liebe einfach diese Zwei Folgen!!!
Angelus!! *rrrr..*
und wie geil er gespielt wird von David... einfach Genial

Und Buffy mal richtig verletzt zu sehen ist einfach Klasse...
Spike finde ich den Folgen nicht so toll weil er doch gehörig an "Bösem" verliert gegenüber Angelus...
Es gibt immer wieder Wendepunkte. So ist das Leben. Es kommt darauf an, was man daraus macht. In diesen Momenten erkennt man, wer man ist.



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Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009, 15:53

ja besonders Innocence gehört wirklich zu den besten episoden in season 2. Und ich finde David auch VIEEEEEEEEEL cooler als Angelus als Angel. Als Angelus ist er einfach so herrlich evil. man hat immer das gefühl das als angelus david es geniesst endlich mal so richtig aus sich rauszugehen.

Doch spike finde ich keineswegs schlecht in diesen epis. Er ist nicht mehr so evil (versuch mal evil zu sein im rollstuhl) aber er hat einfach immer noch supergeile sprüche drauf und das hin und her zwischen ihm und Angelus ist einfach zu geil.
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Montag, 26. Januar 2009, 14:33

Ja ich glaube auch dass David es genießt endlich mal ein bischen mehr aus sich rauszugehen und nicht mehr den winselnden Angel zu spielen...
So gerne ich Angel mag, Angelus ist einfach zu geil!!

Spike ist schon noch evil, aber er verliert finde ich gehörig was von seiner Rolle...
Angelus wird einfach viel besser hervorgehoben und man merkt einfach dass er in dieser Gruppe den Ton angibt....

Was ich schade finde ist, dass man irgendwie nie die vier zusammen gebracht hat. Ich meine jetzt Angelus, Darla, Drusilla und Spike.
Bei den Rückblicken hat man sie zwar immer zusammen gesehen...

Aber ich hätts toll gefunden wenn man sie mal für ein paar mehrere Folgen zamgebracht hätte, also in der Gegenwart...
Ich liebe die vier einfach zusammen!!!
Das wäre doch eine tolle Serienfortsetzung....
Die Vergangenheit von den vieren zu zeigen...

und wenns nur eine Staffel ist, mehr würde auch wahrscheinlich die Story nicht hergeben??
Oder vielleicht doch??
Es wär doch mal toll wenn man eine Serie von der anderen/bösen Seite drehen würde??
zu zeigen wie die Bösen gegen das Gute kämpfen.... wie sie nicht wissen was das Gute plant, aber man sieht wie sie planen und vorangehen...
und der ihre Probleme zu zeigen???
Es gibt immer wieder Wendepunkte. So ist das Leben. Es kommt darauf an, was man daraus macht. In diesen Momenten erkennt man, wer man ist.



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Montag, 26. Januar 2009, 18:38

das angelus den ton angibt ist nicht nur in Season 2 so. Angelus war schon IMMER der chef in der gruppe. wie Angel Season 5 zeigt ist das einer der gruende warum spike der wurde wie man ihn spaeter kannte. Erst in Angel Season 5 ist Spike Angel zum ersten mal wirklich ueberlegen.
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